10 Steps to Unleash the Boss Businesswoman Inside

"The more we cling to the ladder, the more we struggle…your actions should be something that resonates with you, not something that you should be ideally doing." -Shalvika


Many of us try most of our lives to fit into the box society puts us in. Some break out and pave their way, doing what makes them happy and successful. When we see those people, most think how lucky they are and how it's rare to find success in that way. Our path to success is by working our ass off and hopefully getting that promotion. Well, let me blow your mind here, that's not true, and you have every capacity and capability to pave your way to success.


We think this way because our belief system has limited our minds from expanding and only staying within the confines of what other people believe about us or have told us.


It's time to let it go and unleash the Bad-A** Business Women within and find the success you've been hiding. We've given some groundbreaking information to help you decide what you believe and create the mindset that will have you rolling in the Benjamin's.


1. What is a belief system, and what are limiting beliefs? A belief system is your way of thinking. It's what you believe to be correct and wrong and what you believe to be accurate and false, your morals and beliefs.


Limiting beliefs are anything you believe to be accurate, but these beliefs are limiting you personally in some way.


For instance, you believe that you're not athletic and you can never have the body you want because of it. Because you believe this, you avoid any physical activity because you think you'll fail, which comes from possibly a childhood memory or someone telling you that you weren't athletic, and you believed it. Now, this belief has stunted your opportunities to build the body you want because of what someone told you and you think is true.


2. Belief Perseverance is when your brain maintains a belief despite new information that formally contradicts it.


So, you believe that you won't achieve the body you want because of your limiting beliefs. Belief perseverance plays a role in this because you went on a family vacation, and you all went on a hike. During the walk, you thought about how it wasn't that bad and how you were looking forward to seeing the view. You make it back to where you started, and everyone starts telling you that you were doing a great job. Despite this experience, you still think that you can't enjoy and thrive at physical activity.


 "And if you don't change the map to look at the territory, you are still going to come from a space of scarcity. You're still going to come from a space of lack." -Shalvika


3. Organize your Labels and write them down in a journal, excel sheet, or draw a chart, whatever your style is. Think of 10 Labels that apply to you. Go back and think about labels you believe are true to you.


4. Negative or Positive? Now that you have your list of Labels decipher whether they are positive or negative. Sometimes we settle and accept that this is our fate and our truth.


5. Diving and digging a little deeper: Think about who gave you this label. What is a random person, classmate, teacher, cousin? Remember, don't let insignificant people have the power to tell you who you are.


6. Do you agree or disagree? So, just because you're being given a label by someone else doesn't mean that it's your truth. Say someone gives you the title of being a chatty person. You know that you talk a lot and are social, so that is the truth. If someone is calling you ugly and you know that you're beautiful, that's their opinion, and you disagree.


7. Advantages vs. Disadvantages. Another thing to consider is the advantages and disadvantages of each label. So, you know that you're chatty, and a benefit of that is that you can keep a conversation going. A burden might be that you talk too much at the wrong time. Weigh out each label and break it down.


8. Keep or Toss? Now, it's time to decide what labels you want to keep and which ones you want to toss and never see again. 


9. New Plan! You have listed all of the labels. You've taken the time to understand them, decide each label's benefits and disadvantages, and have kept some and tossed some. So, now it's time to draw up a plan of action!  


10. Be a Boss Businesswoman and step into the world with a more fixed and focused mindset. By understanding where your limitations were coming from and making the necessary adjustments, you can now focus on your success.


Now get out there and be the strong, confident businesswoman that you are. You have ten great tips and tools to understand better your mindset and how you can break free of limiting beliefs and be your most authentic self.


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