3 Steps to Avoid Constant Burnout in your Business

“Our failures don't define us. It's how we thrive after we fall that defines us.”- Shampaigne Graves

The launch of Boldifi was revolutionary. We had press partnerships and had established a strong team within six months. Things were on the up and up. We were progressing so quickly and it was so exciting! But, it was moving much faster than we could keep up with.

We had no real direction or strategy with the business which left us scatter-brained and unorganized. That led to many unfinished projects, unfulfilled promises and constant burn out

I eventually had enough and had to step away from my empire for 6 months.

After my time away, I dusted off my crown, put on my CEO pants and immediately took action in these three things before I started launching any further projects: 

  1. Reconstructed my audience profiles based on previous engagements:  Checking out the Insights on social media are a great tool to understand who your engaging audience is and how you can cater your business to them. Devote the time to understand your audience. There are always at least two types of individuals you will be serving. Imagine their daily life and start engaging with polls inside your Facebook Group, Instagram Stories, and make sure there’s always a call-to-action in your  posts!
  2. Narrow down my business functions (Revalue--Repurpose--Rebrand): It's time to bring together the why in your business and the people you serve in this business. What value are you bringing to your audience? What are you doing to help them like, know and trust you? Are you aligned with your goals? Embody your CEO by checking in these areas at least every 6-months in your business. 
  3. Strategize a business plan and automated efficient systems with my team: You created your business to work around your life, not the other way around. Make your life easier by automating systems for every part of your business, from every sale to team management. We go over some excellent funnels to implement in your company in this blog post. (link)

Once this happened, Bold Babes:

  • Made a clear and concise business plan for each launch and partnership 
  • Consistently led the team to be proactive and creative in their role
  • Created innovative high-level launches inside our online space  
  • Helped starter companies start and stay in business with our original frameworks 

My advice to you is as demand for your services increase it’s okay to be unapologetic about your pricing. Your time is valuable!

Then ask yourself, what are your financial goals, and how can you reflect that in your price and deliver your highest quality product/service? In what ways can you show up authentically for your business and reach your target audience organically? 

Then, when you show up online, determine who your spokesperson is and create a consistent visibility strategy for them. Do you want to show up on Instagram live, your weekly podcast, or Facebook group? Let them know who you are through your brand and relate to them. 

You're a small business, and it's time for you to leave your mark and innovate in this remarkable online space we call the Internet. Be yourself, ask yourself the right questions, and let those creative juices flow naturally.

We’re here for Bold Babes like yourself, that’s why we created The Bold Digital Incubator where you get to learn from more female CEOS from branding to putting the right systems together for your brand and stepping into your leadership role as an entrepreneur. Join now by clicking this link and joining our influential community.

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