3 Steps to Building A Profitable Brand

"When I create content, I create content to generate coins rather than be popular" -Tashea Jeanelle


We have come a long way. Social media has transformed from a place where Tom is your first friend, and you're sharing your favorite song on your profile page along with your carefully chosen top 5 friends. 


Now, Social media is a beast and workplace for content creators to make a living. If you go down the right avenue, your experience can be a whirlwind of boxes of P.R. on your doorstep and thousands of followers. But how do you make money? Everyone wants to know!


Follow these crucial steps to build a profitable brand: 


  1. Understanding who you are. A loaded statement because there is so much depth to understanding yourself. But, what I mean is what is the meat of the empire you're trying to build. What is the D.N.A. of your brand? Figure out what perceived image you want to create and present to the world. You want to consider what you want to be known for and what and what your thing is. It's okay if, at this moment, you're not sure. An excellent tip to discover what that might be, check out your Youtube history, make a list of your talents/interests and go from there.


Monetize your brand asap! Once you've found your brand, think about what you're bringing to the table. How can you stand out? What makes you different from everyone else who is trying to do the same as you? What do you want your viewers to feel when they see your content? What problem are you solving? Fill in the blanks, 

I help ____ overcome/solve ____. I teach ____ how to ____.


Then, build your ideal follower or client. Who are they? Age? Hobbies? Shopping habits? What would lead them to buy something? It may sound like you're asking too many questions, but you're not asking enough if you think that. To understand the person you're talking to, you have to build a hypothetical version of them to successfully find leads or have people buy what you're selling.


2.What should I focus on? Now that you've figured out who you are and who you're talking to, what is the next step? Let's chat about how we're going to make money, the business side of things. We can't just be a pretty face. We need substance!


We create substance by setting goals, specifically S.M.A.R.T. goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time). Think of a specific purpose or goal that you want to achieve. Then, take it a step further and think about numbers to help you reach your particular goals. For example, your goal is to gain more followers so you can sell more merchandise. The measurable aspect is the number of followers you want to achieve and how much you want to make, say you want 100 followers, and make an extra $300 from your merch sales. Now, with you choosing a practical number and within reach, it's achievable. Of course, setting the action in place is excellent, but you have to do them, right physically? So here's where time jumps in. Think about how long it will take you to achieve these goals (make sure it's completed in a timely manner with a specific date) and that will get the ball rolling.


I didn't speak too much about it but something you need to be mindful of to be truly successful is TIME MANAGEMENT! Utilizing your time is so important. Learning to use every minute of the day to your benefit is truly an art form. Plug in your goals to your calendar and be able to refer to it at any time. A MAJOR tip Tashea uses is following the Reverse Income Engineering method. It's a tool to help you stay on track every step of the way so you're absolutely going to achieve your goals.


3. Time to get creative! Now we're onto the fun part which is creating the content, the stuff you're passionate about.The reason you're even reading this blog! We want to make sure that your amazing content matters and that it's seen. 


Refer back to the bit about conducting research on potential customers. Use the information that you gathered and find out where your ideal client is (what social media apps they use most) and go there.


Bonus tip: create an email list that way you can keep in touch with your followers/clients.


Never make creating content an afterthought. What you can do is create content pillars that will save you time and make your content meaningful. For instance, draw a 4 by 6 grid with your offers listed in the first row of squares, vertically, then write down 5 ways you're going to deliver your content, skipping the first square going horizontally. Then, fill in the rest of the squares with topics that pertain to each offer. You'll never be in a bind again!  


Now, you can't just post anything and hope it works. You've got to be strategic.

Right now, video is what's hot right now and is what gets seen. So, when you're creating content, make videos your priority. Start with reels or Tik Tok and then work up to Youtube Videos. Once you make a video, you have a few different pieces of content on your hands, which is gold! The key is to batch your content and squeeze every bit you can out of it by making graphics, memes, blogs, emails, pins, so many things.


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