7 Steps to Clear Communication in Your Business

“Communication is about what you say, how you say it, who you say it to, and who you are to that person” -Brittani Miller 

When in business, the one statement that you ALWAYS hear is communication is key because it is. Learning how to communicate is a skill that plays a role in many aspects of life, so how do we do it effectively? More specifically, how can we win over a client with communication? Brittani Miller is a pro at this and will give us essential advice on laying down the foundation of building a relationship with our client for our subsequent encounter. 

  1. What is your brand voice? First, we need to nail down our brand voice. To do so, we need to find out who we’re talking to and what we want to say. Make an avatar for your brand. Who is the voice you’re talking to? If it’s you, then speak how you usually would. Also, what avatar are you portraying for your brand? Make sure you get across what your brand does, the problem you’re trying to fix, and what you’re trying to achieve. Make sure your brand voice is clear, conversational, and quirky.
  2. Build Trust. Let’s face it. If a client is loyal to you, they will buy whatever product you are selling. They will become an advocate for your brand and hype you up essentially. So to get there and connect, you need to be vulnerable and build trust through a connection. When we show people who we are, that connects them to us. You want to be expressive in a way that people feel comfortable and like they know you.
  3. Have brand pillars. How can you consistently connect with people? Share things about your life, business, and events that you’re a part of that interest your audience. Choose a few pillars, write them down, engage with people who are in the same community. Alway like, comment and share so you can build relationships.  
  4. Influence. Our main goal is to influence people to use our products and utilize our services, so we want to guide them in engaging with us. When making a post, start with an attention grabber, make your point, and then ask questions or direct them to your Dm’s to start the conversation.
  5. Master Authentic Engagement! If you’re trying to beat the Instagram Algorithm, then skip this step. But if you’re trying to build something lasting, really respond to the post. Once the other person sees your genuine response, they’re more likely to do the same, and now you’ve created a real relationship. *Golden nugget* If you’re at an event and you’re looking to build relationships off the bat, connect through socials. Then take a selfie with that person and DM them the photo. You’ve just created a memory with that person, and now you have a message chain started. After the event, the chances of having a genuine connection are more likely to happen now. 
  6. Be a champion of people. On the flip side of creating a lasting and loyal relationship, demonstrate sincere appreciation for the people you’re trying to influence. Be the most prominent supporter and the biggest cheerleader—these developed with genuine praise and respect. When people buy your products, thank them and praise them because it makes them feel good.  
  7. Give back, always. Lastly, think of ways you can give back to people before you ask for the sale. When you give away something valuable, people are more likely to reciprocate the action. Even if it is something as simple as answering questions, giving them what they need, and easing their fears, they’re more likely to trust you.

Every step is vital to get a real deep connection started. If you’re always genuine, transparent, trustworthy, and ready to build relationships, you’ve got this! 

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