How to Land Sponsorships as a Startup

“Numbers aren’t everything but you need to know how to stand out.” -Bert Anderson 

Sponsorships! You want them, I want them, everyone wants one. But how do we get them to invest in you! 

  • What kind of Sponsorship are you looking for? There are two different kinds of Sponsorships. The first type is where you produce an article, post, or whatever market you are in and then on the receiving end (you) are given a trip, a product, or something that you can use (not money). Or, like before you produce a post, blog, article, or review and then you get monetary compensation (aka MONEY).

  • Don’t sell yourself short for your follower count. Maybe you don’t have millions of followers, but that’s okay! That just means that the people who are influenced by you are actually engaging with you and aren’t paid off robots, hooray! What that also means is that you can be classified as a Nano or Micro influencer. Let me elaborate, a Nano influencer is someone with less than 10k followers and a Micro influencer is someone with 10k to 100k followers. You also have the ability to more effectively recommend products and it feels like you’re talking to a friend because your community is so close-knit. This is an awesome self selling point! 

  • The big one: How to get a sponsored gig! There are a few different ways, so let’s jump right into the first one which is looking into the Cision Media Database. It’s a PR resource where brands and agencies find influencers to cover their news. Simply fill out the form with your information, submit it, and then you’ll be added to the database.
  • The next option is belonging to an influencer marketing network. This is a great place to be if you want this to be an income source. The only prerequisite you need is to have a social media platform. From there you can then create a profile,  find a campaign you like and send a pitch with any of these networks (SoapBox Influence, Social Native, Acorn, Clever and Find Your Influence... just to name a few). 

  • Once you get the pitch...know who you’re pitching to. Figure out who your avatar (the imaginary person you are influencing) is and then practice. Think about how you can create an interesting experience or make the product fun for them. A little secret, you’re not actually selling the product, you’re selling an idea to the brand. Keep everything centered around the brand, always state the positive first and then see where things could be improved. That let’s your audience know that you’re being honest and trustworthy. 

  • Don’t forget to disclose your relationship! According to FTC guidelines, if you’re an influencer working with a brand you always need to state when doing so. For instance use the hashtags #ad #sponsored #partner. If you’re always honest, it will help you maintain trust with your followers.

  • Excited? Impressed? Us too! We’ve covered the major points to get you started, so go out there and get your sponsorship! To get advice about sponsorships, increasing sales and more, check out the Bold Digital Incubator for more business tips from experts. 

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