How to Speak to Your Ideal Client

“Cute and clever does not convert. Being clear and focused converts.” -Emmy Cornwell 

As businesswomen, part of the business is making money. How do we livelihood and business steady? How do we go about converting our followers into customers? After a session in The Bold Digital with Emmy Cornwell, the answers are clear, but you have to put in the work.

Emmy's major secret to creating loyal customers is using psychology. The word psychology:

  1. Understanding who your ideal client is. To begin, you need to understand who your target audience is. Cater time to imagining what this person is like without making it overwhelming. This person is like your best friend, and you help them with your product/services faithfully! Get down to the nitty-gritty and be specific about each individual! (I help creative moms build the side hustle to be the boss of their own time to spend time with their kids.  
  2. Communicate with her through social media. Your profile needs to have a human element. She wants to buy from you and feel like she knows you. She wants to see what it takes to succeed like you and feels like you get her to the core. You already know her. Now you need to communicate with her. 
  3. Video is the way to go! Whether it be through IGTV or Reels, this is the best way to shorten the trust gap. Showcase the things she wants, dreams, and desires, so she feels like you are the one to help her. You can also utilize Instagram stories to show the behind-the-defense aspect of being successful as you. 
  4. Use her language. Make her feel like you're talking directly to her and pulling her heartstrings in a sense. You are selling a solution to her main problem, and you have what she doesn't know she needs. 

We've figured out who our ideal client is and how to build trust as the person she needs to solve her problem. Now it's time to make money, and it's already yours! She trusts you and your product.

Remember to always have fun. If you're not having fun, you're not doing it right. Want to get access to Emmy's full training plus over 50 digital tools made exactly for businesses like yours? Join The Bold Digital incubator today! 

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